Wait a minute… What is content?

Content is the text, images, video, graphics, as well as every additional element that isn’t part of a design. So, if you have a website, brochure, business card, social media platform, etc., then content writing should be important to you. After all, websites, pamphlets, and other marketing materials tend to have more written content than the other types of content.

We offer content writing services and can help you cross off tasks on your to-do list by creating your social media posts, weekly blogs, marketing emails, or the content for your site. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have questions about our content writing services or the free tools for content writing below! Schedule a free consultation by clicking the button below or call us at (904) 829-2772.

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Free Tools for Content Writing on A Budget

We understand that small businesses have a long list of expenses. While one year, written content might be at the forefront of your mind, the next year your budget may not permit it. Therefore, we’ve comprised a list of free tools for content writing. This way your content won’t suffer if you can’t hire a professional just yet.

This image is of the results of Answer the Public.

Results from Answer the Public.

Since good text content should answer the FAQ about your business, Answer the Public is a great writing asset. Think of this content writing tool like you think of Google. For example, if you were to search for “St. Augustine” the Google results would be a list of websites and articles about St. Augustine. Answer the Public uses the same concept to tell users the FAQ about whatever topic they search. Furthermore, they gather this data from the top search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc). Therefore, results are literally the most common questions people are searching for, in the top search engines.

We searched for St. Augustine and these are a few of the questions people had:

  • Where is St. Augustine?
  • What fort is in St. Augustine?
  • Can St. Augustine grass be overseeded?
  • Which airport for St. Augustine?
  • Why did St. Augustine become a saint?

Check out the full report here.

Canva is a design tool. It allows you to put titles, graphics, designs, and even your logo onto an image. This is especially great for email marketing, blog posts, and social media posts. On these platforms, you only have a few moments to grab the attention of the consumer; compelling imagery goes a long way to slowing them down and urging them to take in the content. To use Canva simply create a free account and get started!

This image is of text that reads

The featured image for this blog was created with Canva.

Google Trends is similar to Answer the Public but the insights are different. When you do a Google Trend search, the results will show you where that topic is trending the most; you can search in the U.S., another country, or worldwide. The results also generate the most related topics and related queries in relevance to your topic. It also allows you to compare the results for two topics. Check out the results we received when we compared St. Augustine and Orlando. You’ll notice that the results show there is a higher search interest for Orlando related topics than there are for St. Augustine related topics.

This image is a linear graph.

The linear graph portion of the Google Trend results when comparing Orlando and St. Augustine.

Out of our list of free tools for content writing, Grammarly is the most important. Professionalism should be at the forefront of your mind when you’re writing for a business. If the text isn’t grammatically sound, it’s hard to convince readers of that. But, that’s what makes Grammarly so powerful; it’s an online grammar checking, spell checking and plagiarism detection platform. Simply create a free account to get started!

This image contains text with misspellings that read

An example of how Grammarly can help you.

Image is of the back end of a WordPress website.We’ve all been there, sometimes you just don’t know what to write about! But that is exactly why the HubSpot Blog Topic Generator was invented. Simply enter one to five nouns in the search bar and wait for amazing blog topics. We entered “St. Augustine” and here are the results:

  • St. Augustine: Expectations vs. Reality
  • Will St. Augustine ever rule the world?
  • St. Augustine Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters
  • This Week’s Top Stories About St. Augustine
  • The Next Big Thing in St. Augustine

Pixabay is a free stock website for photos, illustrations, graphics, and videos. We encourage clients to use professional photography. However, it would cost an arm and a leg to purchase photos for every email blast, social media post, and blog post. Instead, simply type in the image you’re looking for and download any of the results for free. After downloading an image from Pixabay, you can upload it to Canva to add text, borders, and other features.

Image is outdoors and contains two people walking down a street with shops on each side.

This image of Aviles Street in St. Augustine was found using Pixabay.

Image is of hands typing on a laptop and a plant.You really should hire a professional.

The whole idea of marketing materials is to persuade a consumer to do business with your company. So, your content should be persuasive and convey a message. The best way to guarantee this is to hire a firm like Old City Web Services to create your website, social media posts, online blogs, etc.

A content writer ensures your content speaks to your business’ audience. The writer will make sure your content is purposeful, relevant, and structurally sound so that your reader easily flows through the text. You know how your business functions and may just not be able to put it into words.

When we design websites we encourage our clients to hire us for content writing as well. The last thing we want is for our clients to be stressed about misspellings or if their writing sounds good. In fact, sometimes when clients write their own content it delays the launch of their website because they don’t have enough time to write it or they have a difficult time putting the words on paper. Since we want our clients to have a stress-free experience with their new website, we figure it’s easier for us to write their content for them! After all, we’re sure you’d rather be running your business and doing what you love than writing content.

To conclude…

If you aren’t ready to hire a content writer, the tools above will help you write your best content yet! But when you are ready, we can help you! We use tools like these and others to write and format content for our clients. You can get in touch with us by clicking the button below or calling us at 904-829-2772.

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