First, What Does Relevant Content Mean?

Relevant content means the content on your website is up-to-date and on topic with your business. For example, if you have a business that sells honey in Georgia, you wouldn’t want your home page to have content about jams in California. Also, you want the information about your business to be current. Having old or irrelevant information on your website can hurt your search engine optimization. Making your rank on search engines become lower but, how do you write good content for your website?

Tips on Writing Good Relevant Content:

Valuable Content: Make sure your content has some value to your users. Ask yourself; Do my potential clients need this information? Does this topic actually pertain to my business? Will my potential clients even want to know this information? Thinking this way can help you make sure your content is relevant and not just filler information.

Concise Content: Most users on the web are going to skim your website content. You have the tricky part of making the information as brief as possible but  with enough impact to inform the user. Short paragraph or lists are always a good fall back for making sure your content is concise.

Stay On Topic: It’s important to stay on topic. If you are writing about the company, stick to the company’s information. Writing about your services? Make sure to only be mention about your services. Stay focused on one topic at a time.

Check and Recheck Grammar and Spelling Errors: We’re only human and going to make mistakes but we can always go back and fix them. If we check and recheck and get a friend to check, this will help from having any errors on our website. It’s unprofessional to have a ton of grammar and spelling errors. It can also confuse your customer if your content doesn’t make sense due to errors. So, try make sure to check. Get up and walk away, come back and recheck, then send to a friend to triple check.

Write For Your Audience: Your website content needs to be search engine friendly by using keywords, and links. Though, having readable and engaging content for you potential clients is just as important. The goal is to convert your potential clients into clients.  If they don’t understand what you are saying, then how can they converted. Make sure your writing is easy to understand and connectable for your audience. Forget the fluff and marketing jargon.

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