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Check out this list of free SEO tools that we’ve compiled. Among the tools are a simple checklist, a website grader, and a domain analyzer. Each tool will bring you a little closer to understanding where your website is on the SEO spectrum. Now, don’t worry – we know many people find this subject confusing. That’s why we’ve selected free SEO tools that are incredibly easy to use.

Keep in mind, these free SEO tools aren’t the single solution to an optimized website.

Now, you may be confused as to why you’re seeing this list of free SEO tools coming from us in the first place. In fact, we often encourage our clients to hire reputable professionals – like us – to optimize their websites for them. However, it never hurts to learn more about a topic that directly affects the success of your business! We can guarantee that the following tools aren’t the end-all-be-all to online marketing. But, by experiementing with them you will have a better understanding of SEO in general. That’s not such a bad thing since SEO is a topic that many people still find mystical.

As promised, here are easy-to-use, free SEO tools:

If the goal is to learn about SEO through these free SEO tools, then this checklist is a great place to start. From the basics such as setting up a Google Account to more extensive optimization like link building, this checklist will make you more familiar with common SEO terminology. Furthermore, it lets you keep track of how optimized your website truly is!Image contains a checked box.


  • Go to this SEO Checklist.
  • Use the toggles to reveal each section of the checklist.
  • Check the box for each portion your website has completed.
  • Register to obtain a PDF printable version of the checklist.

Domain Analysis is a free SEO tool by Moz that allows users to explore domains from an SEO point of view. Since you can explore ANY domain, this is a great way to get a better idea of how well your competitors are doing with SEO. The results tell you how many keywords the domain ranks for, how many websites link to the domain, the top ranking words for the domain, the estimated number of clicks for top keywords, and more.


  • Sign up for a free Moz account here.
  • Go to Domain Analysis.
  • Enter a domain in the search bar at the top of the page.

Keyword Explorer is another powerful tool by Moz. It allows you to become familiar with the best keywords for your industry. You’ll learn about which keywords people are typing into search engines the most, which keywords your website already ranks for, how often people are searching the keywordImage contains scrabble letters that spell out s each month as well as if your competitors are ranking for any of your target keywords.


  • Sign up for a free Moz account here.
  • Go to Keyword Explorer.
  • Enter a word or phrase that is commonly used in your industry.

Image contains a graphic detective with a magnifying glass.If you find Google Analytics confusing, then you are going to love this URL inspection tool because it is just a watered-down version of Google Analytics. Instead of extensively evaluating each page of your site, this tool gives you an overview of it. In fact, using it is sort of like reading a summary for a book instead of reading the entire book.

After entering your URL, it will tell you the average position your website is found in a search result, what keywords your website ranks for, which devices are most used to view your website, and other neat information. However, it will also tell you any red flags it came across when viewing your site. These may include links that lead to error pages, images with no ALT tags, etc.


  • Log in to your Google Account.
  • Go to the Google Search Console.
  • Enter your URL.
  • Use the sidebar on the left to explore different aspects of your website.

Image contains a piece of paper and pencil with an A+ written on it.Website Grader is exactly what it sounds like. It’s software that grades your website from an SEO standpoint. Similar to the URL Inspection tool above, this free SEO tool will let you know which parts of your website are complete and which are incomplete. However, this tool uses layman’s terms and colorful graphics to make the user experience simple and fun! Factors it grades include the speed of your website, user friendliness, device responsiveness, and if you’re missing any important ALT tags.


  • Go to the Website Grader.
  • Enter your URL in the top search bar.
  • Use the side bar to the left to view each portion of the grader.

A good SEO strategy is the only way to succeed in the competitive online world.

But, just learning about optimization through the free SEO tools above isn’t enough. In fact, there’s still a lot of work to be done. The next step? Contact us and we’ll get started on an SEO strategy for you that is created by professional search engine optimizers. The sooner you get us working on your website’s optimization, the sooner we can get your website headed to the top of the search engine result pages (SERP).

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