First and foremost, it is important to understand the difference between a mobile site and a mobile responsive site. A mobile-responsive website is a website built on a special framework so that regardless of how you have the browser window sized, or which mobile phone or device you are using, the images and layout adjusts to fit the screen size, yet the content is still “tappy” (you can easily “tap” any hyperlinks). This will typically depend on how the developer originally programmed your website. If your site was designed more than three years ago, chances are your website isn’t 100% responsive on all mobile devices.

A mobile website is a scaled down version of your actual site. Best practices for mobile websites call for selecting only the pages that are of the utmost importance for users that are on the go instead of adding all content (i.e. text, graphics, photos). A mobile website serves a different purpose than your actual site.  Often times it is for customers to contact you fast and easy either by a simple contact form or telephone number. Some popular menu pages on a mobile site may include features like “click-to-call” or “get directions.” Also, people are most likely going to spend more time on a mobile site, rather than one that is just responsive. A customized mobile site will allow you to get your message to your consumers anytime and anywhere. Investing in a mobile site is becoming more and more valuable to businesses as the world becomes consumed with the greatest and latest smartphones.

Think your clients don’t fall under the category of smartphone users? Think again– as of February 2012, nearly half (46%) of American adults were smartphone owners and it’s estimated that 86% of the US population will own a smartphone by 2017! Teens, college students, soccer moms, businessmen, business owners, even grandparents are getting with the newest fad in technology…you name them, they got it!

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