The importance of a custom Facebook page.

By now you’ve likely seen the new layout of Facebook’s business pages. In addition to the square profile photo for your business, you now have a much larger space at the top of your page for a cover photo.

But what should you put there?

You could use a standard photo of the outside of your building, a specific group of products or maybe a more general shot of St. Augustine, but is that going to make your business stand out? Wouldn’t that be a waste of prime real estate at the top of your page? You want something that will grab the attention of potential clients and make them contact you through Facebook or a phone call.

Introducing custom cover photos for Facebook!

You could create a custom photo yourself, but in between all the other duties you take on as a business owner, it can be difficult to find the time to do it yourself. In about 30 minutes, Old City Web Services can create a custom photo for you to use atop your Facebook page. We can use a single image or collage of photos with text describing your business’ name, phone number and website. This way, your Facebook page will become another professionally designed tool for your business’ marketing kit.

Want to know more about Facebook? Join us for our next Facebook Business Clinic!

Everything is ready to go for our first Facebook Business Clinic tomorrow morning, but we’ve had such a positive response we have already made plans for a second class!  If you’re interested in joining us on Tuesday, May 22nd at 1:00 p.m. to learn more about cover photos, page layout and building a fanbase, contact us to sign up!