It is December and that means it is time for your small business to get serious about promoting your holiday sales and specials that you have going on. Email makes up over a third of the ways that consumers make holiday buying decisions.

The most important factor in your promotional emails is that they lead somewhere. In your promotional email, you need to send potential customers to a great landing page.

This can mean setting up a new page or editing a current one on your website.

The page should be catered to your sale, prices, promotion, or special that you are trying to convert customers with.

Some tips:emailholiday2

  • Make it mobile – it is safe to assume that many potential customers are on a mobile device when they are opening their email. The page you send them to telling them about your promotion has to be one they can navigate and read on their mobile device.
  • Keep it simple – the page you send them to should be dedicated to just the sales goal you have. Don’t make it more complicated by giving them other distractions. A single page with a single goal will result in the highest conversion.
  • The elements – Stick to an attention grabbing headline and one great image.
  • Clickable call to action – give them one button to click that tells them what to do. That’s it.

Follow these tips and your holiday sales are bound to increase. Need help creating a great landing page or formulating the perfect email? Contact us and we can help you today!