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Taking inventory of your marketing materials is a two-step process.

The first step in taking inventory of your marketing materials is to pinpoint your marketing budget. Consider last year’s budget. Then answer this question: Was this enough to make your marketing strategy successful?

Step two is assessing how valuable your marketing materials are by determining which of them have proven successful and which have not. Specifically, consider your website, text on your website, social media outlets, print materials, and online ads.

1: Pinpoint your marketing budget.

Download and print our Marketing Budget Quiz to easily determine if you should increase your budget or keep it the same.

Marketing Budget Quiz

Marketing budgets vary from company to company depending on different variables. For example, if you own an older company you may have older marketing materials and will have to account for that in your budget. On the other hand, if your company has been in business for over five years, you are likely to have a lower budget than a newer company because you have established brand recognition.

In fact, marketing firms often encourage older companies to spend 6 to 12 percent of last year’s gross revenue on marketing. In the same respect, if you have been in business for fewer than five years, you should spend anywhere from 12 to 20 percent. (Source: Entrepreneur)

Step 2: Assess the value of your materials.

Download and print our Marketing Materials Checklist to easily determine which of your marketing materials need to be updated.

Marketing Materials Checklist

So, what should you look for when assessing your materials? That’s easy! The goal is to determine which materials accurately represent your business, generate leads, and answer the FAQ questions of your customers. Additionally, each material should have a clear way to contact you.

Image contains graphics like computers, web pages, tablets, phones, and social media icons.

Taking Inventory of Your Marketing Materials

Now that you know your budget and have assessed your materials, you’re ready to to take inventory of your marketing materials.

Create two lists. Title your first list “Inventory” and your second list “Needs to be Updated”. Next, sort your materials into either list.

  • Needs to be Updated: Marketing materials that have met two or fewer requirements on our Marketing Materials Checklist.
  • Inventory: Marketing materials that have met at least three requirements. These items are ready to add to your marketing strategy.

Congratulations, you’ve completed taking inventory of your marketing materials!

Don’t worry if you have a long list of materials that need to be updated. That’s what we’re here for! We can help you get your inventory stocked up and ready to use. The best part is that the process is quick and stress-free! Contact us at (904) 829-2272 or by clicking the button below.

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