You have a great website, but now what? You now have the challenge of bringing in quality traffic that will result in real conversions for your business.

Marketing your website once it’s live is so important, especially today as the internet is continuing to explode with new, relevant competition. You may have been the only small business in your niche in town with a website 5 years ago, but now you have a lot more people to compete for search engine ranking with.


seoemailSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the primary way people are going to find you online. DO NOT let your competition get ahead. Make it easy for people to find you by having your site fully optimized by a professional.  SEO trends are constantly changing based on changes to the algorithm used by search engines, so this is something that should be ongoing and maintained to ensure you are one step ahead of competition.

For example, earlier this year, Google changed that websites that are not mobile friendly will fall in ranking and those that are mobile friendly will move higher because of the trend in internet usage by web traffic.

It’s also important to have your Google Place listing current, and to be sure that the content you have on your site and continue to add to your website is relevant and bringing you the traffic you are looking for. It is absolutely imperative today to have a professional do these services for your online business.

Make sure your SEO is done right the first time — contact Old City Web Services so that people will start finding your website online today!