email2There are many services that we offer here at Old City Web Services. One that we’d like to feature for you today is helping you to put together email for a large mailing list. We often get asked what a client’s options are for sending to their email lists. For many reasons, using a service like Constant Contact or MailChimp is what we will recommend. Beyond the fact that they are free up to certain numbers of subscribers, and easy to use, here are some other reasons why:

Customized Campaigns: One of the nice things about using a service like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp is that they have templates that you can format your emails in that make them look professional, aesthetically pleasing, and you can style them to match your company branding. In addition, you are able to view reports including how many people (and who) are reading your emails, and if they are clicking on links.

emailPrivacy of Your Email List: When you use one of these services, you can import your subscriber list easily and you don’t have to worry about others on the list receiving the email seeing who else is on the list. Replies only go to you and there is no “What if someone hits reply all?” concern. Recipients also have the ability to opt out of receiving your messages (very important to clients), and they can share valuable information right from your customized campaign with friends.

Mobile Friendly: More and more people are looking for the content they receive to be mobile friendly. Many of the templates that you can choose are ones that will help promote your email and look great on mobile devices.

Prevent email blocking: If you are sending emails to a large group, it can trigger warnings on the server and your address can be listed as spam – and then your emails won’t get seen at all! Using a service will help prevent this entirely.

Schedule Your Emails: You can easily create emails ahead of time and schedule them to be sent at the times you need them to be.

Join Our Seminar: We would love to help you set up your email lists and get started using one of these programs to help your business grow and to help with your email marketing in the New Year. We will be hosting a seminar to help you with getting set up. Contact us today to sign up: Click to Register for our Email Marketing Seminar Here