In this day of every business having a website and the demand for digital information being so high, it’s critical that the website you put forth to the world is optimized for search engines. Simply having a website is not all it takes – it has to be found by those searching for your business’ niche for you to gain the site traffic and thus business to keep you going.

Here are some quick and dirty tips for keeping your website optimized so the work you can reap the benefits of the work and money you put into creating it:

There are a few things that every website should have to help with optimization.

  •  Search bar – a search bar on your homepage will aid in navigation and encourage the viewer to go further into your site, increasing page views and thus page ranking
  •          Links to internal pages of your website – in addition to a search bar that will help visitors explore deeper into your site, having links on your homepage to interior pages will keep visitors on your site longer as they explore all your site has to offer. Don’t go overboard, but provide them with easy links to internal pages so they can find what they are looking for.
  •          Photos – adding visuals your website will make it more aesthetically appealing. Aesthetics isn’t enough though. Your photos need to be tagged appropriately. Having your photo show up labeled as DSC_100 doesn’t help your SEO. Having your photo of your business tagged and labeled with the name and location of your business makes your site not only look more professional but helps search engines know what your non-text content is and helps your ranking.
  •          Quality content – Speaking of content, you have to have quality content. Quality content isn’t one-size-fits-all. Depending on your website, quality content could be informational, humorous, newsworthy, or educational. Quality content is valuable and doesn’t waste the viewer’s time. Make it short, sweet, and valuable. Making it shareable is also important – catchy headlines, and succinct information will make viewers much more likely to share your information on social media.

All of these are things that will improve your site’s optimization that we at Old City Web Services are skilled at helping you with.. Contact us today to optimize your website and optimize your business!

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