Making Engaging Post.

How to Write Engaging Post on Social Media

Do you notice your Social networking is starting to lose connections with clients? Not getting the interaction you thought you would be getting from clients? That might be because you’re not doing enough engaging post.  An engaging post is a post in that entices your audience to engage in the post either by liking, commenting or sharing the post. Keep your business social media fresh, interesting, and engaging by having consistent variations of engaging posts. Social media should be more than simple product promotion. If you keep posting only about the services you provide instead of trying to connect and engage with your clients, you will see you social media network drop in activity. Don’t think of social media as a platform to sell your product or services but a platform to network for your business. Using engaging post will help you connect and build a relationship with your audience.

Here are some ideas for engaging post:

Engaging Post

Engaging on a post on Social Media 

  • Do a competition
  • Make a funny Meme
  • Pose a Questions to your Audience
  • Post a photo and with the words”Caption This Photo”
  • Fill in the Blank Post
  • Like for this , Share for this
  • Do some Trivia
  • Use a Quote
  • Post about Holiday Wishes
  • Celebrate Your Business Milestones
  • Make a Call to Action Post
  • Do a Poll
  • Post pictures or videos of behind scenes of your business


If you need furthermore examples check out our Facebook and Twitter.

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