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A trend is a pattern or general direction of developing. Social Media is filled with all kinds of trends. An example of a trend on Twitter is when you see a post using hashtags like “#TuesdayMotivation”. Twitter shows you the most recent hashtag trends in a box called “Trends” located on the left-hand side of your home page. Facebook’s trend box is on the right-hand side of your timeline. Using trends will keep your customers engaged in your business and help broaden your network. Trends are very important on social media but, how do you use trends to benefit your business? Here’s 5 things to consider with using trends on social media for your business:



Twitter Trends Box on Social Media

Be creative when using trends for your business. If it’s “National Selfie Day”,  consider taking a selfie with your product or co-workers and using that for a post.

  • Stick with funny or happy trends.”#AllLivesMatter” is an example of a serious trend. Don’t get involved with serious trends because of the sensitivity of the topic or associate your business with conflicting topics.
  • Use trends on social media to connect with customers instead of pitching your products or services.
  • If you are having a hard time keeping up with the ever-changing trends, don’t be afraid to search the latest trends on Google.
  • Don’t spam your customers. After-all,  business’s don’t need to use every trend out there, just use the ones that fit your business best.


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