Your customers will just love rocking the print materials we have listed below! But you will also love them because they double as an advertisement for your awesome business. In fact, once your customers get their hands on them, they will instantly become a walking advertisement – and who are you to stop them?

At the end of the day, we all love taking home a few stickers from our favorite restaurant or receiving a free bag with a purchase or buying a t-shirt with the logo of one of our favorite businesses. While these ‘things’ may seem insignificant when we receive them, they’re actually a business’s strategic print materials and we all love accessorizing with them!

So, don’t miss the opportunity to give your customers a chance to flaunt your business. Use the list of unique print materials below to steal the hearts of your customers and get long-lasting, inexpensive advertising for your business.




Bags: Nowadays, communities are moving away from the use of plastic bags. This got us thinking that a custom bag with your logo might be exactly what your customer needs to get their errands done. We can picture it now: a bag with your logo on it hanging off the arm of your customer for all the world to see!

Business Cards with A Coupon:null Everyone loves a good deal. So, the next time you print your business cards we recommend placing a promotion or coupon on the back of it. This way, it’s less likely to get thrown away or tossed in a drawer and your customer is more inclined to use it in the future or pass it along to a friend.

Buttons: Not only are buttons fairly inexpensive to have printed, but your customers will love them for adding a special pop to their shirts, backpacks, car sun visors, hats, and other places!

Car Billboards: nullCar billboards such as stickers, magnets, and decals are a great way to advertise and they are also enormously popular among customers. Need more convincing? The next time you’re on the road, take a look around at all the stickers on the back of vehicles. You are sure to see everything from roofing companies to coffee shops to festivals being promoted. Although the world seems to be moving more and more towards online, this example is living proof that car billboards are still an effective way to advertise in print.

Koozies: During long, hot summer days in Florida, there is a serious shortage of beverages that stay cool and refreshing. What better way to show your customer how much you care about them than with a koozie that incorporates your logo. Not only will their friends likely notice the koozie, but they’ll also think of you each time they pull it out to insulate their beverage.

Magnets: Customers love receiving magnets from a company because they are super versatile. In fact, can you think of a business whose magnet you wouldn’t put on your refrigerator? Whether you’re an insurance company, eye doctor, or accommodation, chances are that your magnet will get a prime spot next to the other magnets on your customers’ refrigerator. The best part? This accessory is sure to be seen by friends, family, and even the babysitter!

Stickers: Just like voting stickers and festival stickers, there is a place in your customer’s heart for your sticker too. You will get major brownie points for providing your customer with an item other than your product/service and the benefits just keep going once they peel it off and stick it on their shirt, hat, laptop, water bottle, or body!

T-shirts and Hats: nullT-shirts and hats with your logo on them can be used as a bonus when customers sign up for a service. Or, you can give them away and receive free advertising when customers wear them. Not sure how to incorporate your logo onto a shirt or hat? Check out how some of our other clients did it for inspiration: Gator Door East, R.V. Construction, Datil Pepper Tea.

From a logo on a t-shirt to a car billboard, giving your customers a chance to show off your company is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. In fact, they want to show off how much they appreciate you just like you love showing off your favorite business by sporting their printed materials. Whether you decide to sell or give away your new merchandise, allow your customers a chance to brag about your business through these print materials that they will just love!


Don’t see a type of print that is right for your customers? Not a problem. Take a look at the work we’ve done for our clients to get a better idea of which print materials are suited for you. Or, if you saw something that peeked your interest, press the button below or call us at 904-829-2772 to get started on print accessories that will steal your customers’ hearts!

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