What is responsive design? Responsive web design is an approach that addresses a user’s needs based on the environment they are in when viewing your website. Whatever screen size, platform or orientation they are using – as they switch from their phone to their desktop to their ipad, the website adjusts to accommodate for resolution and sizes.

Why do you need responsive design?


Customer Expectation

It is expected in today’s internet world that when a visitor arrives, they be able to navigate easily, find a mobile friendly menu, easy to find contact information, and a website that caters to the device they are using. If your website isn’t meeting this expectation, it will look out of date and visitors may find it cumbersome and too difficult to make it worth their while to stay on your website.

It Helps Build Your Brand

Appealing design and function for a business website will help it grow. Neglecting proper branding will hurt it. Once a client has a bad website experience, it will affect their opinion of you as a business and it can be difficult to repair that image.


Sheer Numbers

Mobile websites that respond to the user environment isn’t a trend. It is the way things are. It isn’t something you can ignore until things go back to the way they were. It is vitally important to your small business that you stay up to date in online needs.