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DIY – you hear it all the time. Whether it’s on home improvement shows or starting up a business or even building a website. When you have your own business, money is a top priority, so it can make sense to go the “do it yourself” route. The more work you can do yourself saves you money and, in turn, makes you a bigger profit, right? Well, not always.

While cutting corners and being frugal are admirable endeavors, there are some scenarios in which hiring a professional will save you from a major headache down the road. One of the scenarios when it’s best to leave it to the professionals is when doing graphic design for your business.

Why Should You Hire A Graphic Designer?

Time is of the essence

As a business owner, you know that time has value. While your mind is going in a million directions trying to run your business, it can be hard to give any one area 100 percent of your undivided attention. A lot of business owners who are crafty try to design their logo or website themselves. But what ends up happening is you spend your whole day running your business and then try to work on it a little in your very rare spare time. Running your business is obviously what takes precedence and makes it easy to put your branding on the back burner. Your logo, website, and graphics represent who you are. This is how your business makes its first impression. A graphic designer does this for a living. This is their area of expertise. They have the time to give your project all of their energy to make it the best that it can be. The way your business comes across online can positively or negatively impact your potential customers’ view of you.

Saving money up front could cost you later

There are many website builders and people offering low-cost logo design services out there. For many, this can seem like just the answer they’ve been looking for. Why pay more if you can get it done super cheap and easy, right? Well, this is a good time to remember the saying,”If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Website builder sites make building a website look so simple you could do it in your sleep. With easy-to-navigate templates and simple, appealing design, you could have your site up in a day. But with this quick fix comes some downfalls to be aware of. With sites like Wix, you can’t take your website with you. They own your domain. So, if you want to leave Wix later on, you’re not taking your website with you. This essentially means starting over. As for your logo design, outsourcing to a low-cost designer could mean a smaller bill upfront but trouble later. That designer might be just turning out designs from templates with slight variations, meaning that your logo isn’t truly unique. Original design has a much longer lifespan than something that was done halfheartedly which means fewer redesigns for you to worry about.

When you hire a designer, you’re also hiring their experience

A seasoned designer might be able to come up with your logo after just one meeting. This doesn’t mean that their services are worth any less because they did it quicker. That means that their years of experience have led them to the moment of creating your brand. Think about it. Designers create and hone their craft daily. Design is their life’s work and passion. A good designer is constantly learning and trying new things. They are on top of the latest trends and know the do’s and don’ts of the industry. Many people can use design programs, but it takes a professional to have the experience and knowledge to create something timeless and meaningful with them. When a designer creates your brand, they get to know your business and your target audience. They take your mission and vision and turn it into an icon people will recognize for years.

Your design will be as unique as you are

By going with templates and pre-made designs, you might find something close to what you’re going for but you might not ever be able to truly express your business’ vision. A designer can set you apart by custom-creating your look. Your website can be specific to your needs instead of you having to fit your business to a template. It is built from the ground up with you in mind the whole time. Yes, this takes time. But if you are building a custom house with specific measurements, wouldn’t you rather it take more time to get exactly what you want than a quick job that leaves something to be desired? Designers can combine your vision with their knowledge to create something truly unique which will make you stand out from your competition.

At Old City Web Services, our mission is to help our clients be as successful as possible. We meet, discuss their current situation, and give suggestions as to help make their brand be the best it can be. We know deciding to build a website or revamp a logo is a big decision, so we stand with our clients every step of the way. We never try to give our clients more than they can handle – we give them what they need. When you decide to do business with us, you are not just a customer but part of our family. We promise to take care of you and give you a result you can be proud of. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you stand out!