Your company’s name, logo, and brand identity define who you are and how the world perceives you. People associate these things with the quality of your products and services. As we said in our previous blog about the importance of branding your business: Your brand says who you are, what you stand for, why your business matters, and what you contribute to your industry.

Just as it takes time to build a brand identity, it takes time for your identity to be recognized in your industry and community. But as time goes by, companies evolve and change and many business owners feel their identity should change as well.

Companies choose to rebrand for many reasons. Whether it’s their service, products, mission, or vision, any change to the core of a company can lead to a new look. If your company fits into any of the categories below, it might be time for a change.

When a company has outgrown its brand



Growing a company is never a bad thing, but it is important to make sure your brand grows with your company. This doesn’t mean you have to completely get rid of your logo and start over. Many of the most iconic brands have simply evolved over the years.

For example, Starbucks started out in 1971 in Seattle as just another coffee company. The infamous siren you know on today’s Starbucks cups looks quite different if you trace their logos back to the beginning. Over the years, Starbucks has become the go-to coffee shop. As their company grew, business owners chose to stick with the iconic siren and eventually made the siren the entire logo, forgoing the name. They evolved as a company, built on their strengths, and now have one of the most well-known companies to date.



When the first logo was rushed

This is a common trap a lot of first-time business owners fall into. A lot of time and money gets invested in a business, and business owners find themselves rushing to have a logo, signage, and business cards made right before their grand opening. They think of it as more of a last step than an integral part of their business plan. While a quickly done logo may have worked for a while, it isn’t a permanent solution. Brands are what a business is built upon. Well-done brands provide a strong foundation for everything else to be built. If you fall into this category, it may be time to consider a rebranding strategy, especially the more your business grows.

When a business wants to change their public perception

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McDonald’s started putting nutrition information on their packaging in 2006.

A big reason business owners consider a rebranding is when they notice their public perception has fallen in popularity.

For example, McDonald’s, an American staple for decades, became a target of blame for America’s obesity problem after the release of the documentary Super Size Me in 2004. The documentary came out right after two lawsuits had been filed against McDonald’s for the potential health risks of Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets.

Due to the viral popularity of the documentary, McDonald’s sales fell. So the owners of McDonald’s took action. They not only got rid of “Super-Size” menu options but also added salads and more fruit, vegetable, and yogurt options to Happy Meals as a part of their “Eat Smart, Be Active” campaign. To this day, McDonald’s has continued to focus on healthy meal options and transparency by making nutrition information visible on packaging as well as their website. McDonald’s couldn’t control the events leading to their negative public opinion, but they did a great job of taking action, which has helped their business monumentally.“Eat Smart, Be Active” campaign. To this day, McDonald’s has continued to focus on healthy meal options and transparency by making nutrition information visible on packaging as well as their website. McDonald’s couldn’t control the events leading to their negative public opinion, but they did a great job of taking action, which has helped their business monumentally.

When a business wants to attract a new audience


A screenshot from an Old Spice commercial featuring Isaiah Mustafa. / Photo credit: Old Spice

The audience your company is attracting has a lot to do with your branding and marketing. Think of any business out there. It’s probably not hard to figure out the demographic they’re after, is it? So, what happens when you have a product that could span across multiple demographics, but you’re not attracting all of them? Many companies finding themselves stuck with the same audience over and over again look to a rebrand for help.

Take Old Spice for instance. Old Spice had long been perceived as a product line for older men. In 2010, Old Spice changed all that when they launched a campaign geared toward a younger audience. Old Spice released a series of comical commercials featuring athlete Isaiah Mustafa. The commercials were perfectly geared toward a younger age group. Old Spice also revamped their website which now features young men using their products and humorous content. Their rebrand worked like a charm making them a brand for all ages.

When a company isn’t keeping up with the competition

Apple logos

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As a business owner, it’s important to know who your competition is and how you compare. If two companies are selling the same products and services, it’s going to come down to how you’re presenting your company to the public. If you take a look at other’s in your industry and see that you’re not where you should be in comparison, it might be time to look into a rebrand.

Believe it or not, Apple had to rebrand for this exact reason. In 1997, Apple almost declared bankruptcy because it wasn’t keeping up with IBM, Dell and HP. When Steve Jobs rejoined the board of Apple, changes were made. With the introduction of the iMac came the introduction of a new logo, the apple we know and love today. It started out as the multicolored apple and went along with a new campaign, “Think Different”. They not only introduced new technology but made their technology about a lifestyle. It was a hit, and Apple is now one of the leading technology companies in the world.

How we can help

At Old City Web Services, we believe that branding a company is essential for its foundation. We understand that the needs of a company change over time. We have been involved with the branding and rebranding of many companies over the years.

Rodbender-desktop-mobileOne of our most recent rebranding clients is Rodbender Fishing Charters. St. Augustine fishing charters is a very competitive local industry and Rodbender was looking to not just keep up, but to exceed the competition. Owner Chuck Stearns sat with Old City Web Services to address updating both his logo and website. Our goal was to provide a branding that would position Rodbender Fishing Charters as a top-level charter that aligned with Chuck’s extensive experience. The logo has been well received, and the website is a much better tool in answering common customer questions with clear, easy-to-understand charter packages.

Whether you need to refresh your logo or want to start from scratch, we are here to help. Contact us today to set up a free consultation!