3 Cool Tips for Facebook Business Pages

////3 Cool Tips for Facebook Business Pages

Facebook for businesses is a proven way to get your brand noticed by an array of audiences! From CTA (call to action) buttons to advertising options, the tools and resources provided by the social media platform are endless! But, to really optimize your presence and spice up your strategy, consider these three cool tips for Facebook – that you may not know about!

Keep track of your competitor’s activity with “Pages to Watch”.

Arguably so, Pages to Watch is one of Facebook’s top analytic tools. If your Page has 100 to 10,000 followers, it allows you to track the progress of up to 100 pages. With information like the number of engagements a Page received in a week and what percentage their likes are up by, the Pages to Watch tool allows you to compare your Page to other Pages even if you don’t follow them!

A screenshot of Facebook insight tool, Pages to Watch.

A screenshot of Facebook’s Insight tool, Pages to Watch.

This can be extremely useful when you’re thinking about your Facebook strategy. You can follow Pages in your industry and measure their success week by week. If they prove to be successful, it may be worth checking out their page to see what they’re doing right! In the same respect, you can see which Pages are doing poorly and check out their Page as an example of what not to do.

To add to and find your Pages to Watch section, click the Insights tab on the top of your Page and scroll to the bottom.

Turn your cover photo into a slideshow.

Most businesses get traffic coming from their posts’ in the News Feed and not from their actual Facebook Page. However, you still need to optimize your Page for the users who are visiting it. One sure way to do this is by adding a slideshow to your cover photo. It allows you the opportunity to show your audience several aspects of your business. For example, sightseeing tours and charters might find it useful to showcase several tours here; a restaurant may find it a great place to show off their specials of the week or a few well-known dishes; boutiques and gift shops may find this as a great space to promote several sales or campaigns they are running; realtors could find displaying several properties here as beneficial! With a recommended image size of 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall, this is the most prominent area on your Facebook Page and is sure to draw the eye of visitors!

Why not give them more to look at?

  • Example of Facebook Cover Photo
  • Example of Facebook Cover Photo

News Feed Targeting can help you target your ideal customers.

Facebook Business Page options allow you to target specific audiences for each of your posts! Similar to Ads Manager, Facebook allows you to narrow down an audience by their interests, language, age, gender, and even their relationship status and education level! By segmenting individual page posts with these criteria, you can concentrate on the audience you think will benefit most from your post.

Create unique audiences by going to the options at the bottom of each post. Click on the Public tab and three options will appear under it: Public, Restricted Audience, and News Feed Targeting. If News Feed Targeting doesn’t appear, you need to activate this setting for your page. Click the Settings tab in the top right corner of your Page; next, click the General tab; click the Edit tab next to Audience Optimization for Posts; check the box that says, “Allow preferred audience selection and the ability to restrict the audience for your post.”; click the Save Changes tab.

A screen shot of Facebook settings.

A screenshot of General Facebook settings.

We hope you’ve found these three tips for Facebook useful! If you want more tips or have a follow-up question, send us an email!

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