Free Social Media Tips

These social media tips are key to keeping your social media strategy stress-free.

In 2018, everyone from your ideal customer to family members are on social media. We all do it a little differently, but when it comes down to it, these social media tips will save you time and keep you relevant. Ditch the filter apps, Excel spreadsheets, Photoshop and Word documents and get organized with these tools.

First, create an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar is essentially a calendar of current and future productions (blogs, photos, memes, or forms). They usually mimic that of a calendar year, so that your content will align with major holidays and days that are important for your business! Since content is one of the biggest factors to a good SEO strategy, many businesses find that this shortcut makes organizing and creating content super easy.

Check out this list of free editorial calendar templates by Curata.

Next, use free photo stock sites to find images.


Images from a free photo stock site.

So, you’ve finished organizing your editorial calendar and are ready to create compelling blogs and posts for social media! But, you have no images. Instead of paying for photography or going out and taking photos yourself, save time and use one of the dozens of free photo stock sites. Nearly every image from this list of free photo stock sites is professional and crisp! While some of what you present on social media needs to be authentic and true to your brand, using free photos every once in a while will save you time.

Produce the posts of your dreams on Canva.


Create blog cover photos, cards, collages, invitations, and social media posts with Canva.

Often, when businesses are producing posts for social media they are using too basic of a software like Microsoft Paint or too sophisticated of a software like Adobe Photoshop. The two software’s are at opposite ends of a wide spectrum; while it’s difficult to create compelling images with the limited capabilities of Paint, Photoshop has way more functions than what is needed for an average social media post. Meet in the middle of that spectrum with Canva; a simple graphic-design tool.

HootSuite: Our favorite social media shortcut.

Among small business tool’s is HootSuite, a social media management and scheduling platform. It is no coincidence that we often refer to it as one of our favorite social media shortcuts. Scheduling posts saves time and ensures that your post’s content is always relevant. When you stop scheduling your posts day-by-day, you get a better idea of what your long-term goals are and can easily prepare your holiday campaigns, special events, promotions, and other content that matters. Users can schedule up to 30 posts for three social media platforms when they use the free version of HootSuite.

Link Your Way To The Top

Steve here from Old City with another hot SEO tip! One of the cornerstones of a strong web presence is something called your “Back Link Profile”. Whats a backlink you say? Its any site other than your own that links to your site. This is one of the most important factors to search engines when ranking your site. They borrowed this method from academia which ranks academic papers based on the number of times they are referenced in other academic papers. So think about this when your working with other businesses or anyone that has a site – any chance you get to add your link to another site could be a great opportunity for you to increase your ranking power!

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