When Is It Time To Rebrand?

April 28th, 2017|Branding|

Your company's name, logo, and brand identity define who you are and how the world perceives you. People associate these things with the quality of your products and services. As we said in our previous blog about the importance of branding your business: Your brand says who you are, what you stand for, why your [...]

Marketing When Just Starting Out

April 21st, 2017|Advertising, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Small Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

So, you've started a great business. It's something you've worked hard on and can't wait to share with the world. This is where marketing comes in handy. Marketing is how you get the attention of your target audience, how you build a following, and how you make that audience listen to what you're saying and [...]

The Importance of Branding Your Business

April 14th, 2017|Branding, Marketing|

You've been preparing for months. You've spent countless hours applying for your business license, filling out and submitting all the legal paperwork, and planning out your budget and inventory. You believe in your business and are ready to share it with the world. But before you do that, it's important to build your brand. Branding [...]

Avoiding Common Social Media Mistakes

April 3rd, 2017|Marketing, Small Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

  Social media is a great tool to promote your business and connect directly with your niche. It is an extension of your identity and is becoming an essential part of a business' online presence. With competition among businesses at an all-time high, more and more business owners are seeing the importance of social media [...]

The How and Why of Content Creation

March 30th, 2017|Content Marketing|

In the world of social media, consumers are constantly being pulled in different directions. Content is being posted 24/7 which means 2 things: It's easy to get overlooked. It takes attention-grabbing content to stay relevant. Content creation for social media can seem like a daunting task. Or like you have to be a seasoned marketing [...]

Local Businesses Getting It Right on Social Media

March 24th, 2017|Advertising, Community, Social Media Marketing|

There's no doubt that social media plays a big role in marketing of businesses of all sizes. Social media not only helps you reach those in your community but all around the world. It's a diverse tool which can have mass advantages if done properly. For this blog, we thought we'd recognize some of the [...]

6 Quick Tips About Emails

March 21st, 2017|email marketing|

Email blasts are an effective way of communicating with customers, but it can be a challenge to get someone's attention when their inbox is being flooded on a daily basis. Strategic planning can make the difference between someone opening, reading, and responding to your email and someone deleting it. Whether you send email blasts once [...]

Make an Impact with Your Rack Card

March 14th, 2017|Design, Marketing, Print Design|

Our rack card designed for Animal Emergency Hospital of St. Johns Rack cards have been around for years and have become a staple of hotel lobbies, visitors centers, and, generally, anywhere there is a lot of foot traffic. Remember your last vacation to a new place? Sure, you may have planned out some [...]

Tips for an Eye-Catching Business Card

March 7th, 2017|Design, Print Design|

Business cards - every professional has one, but how many of them actually make an impression? Having business cards is common sense as a professional, but if you're not putting thought into them, you're missing the point. Instead of thinking about a business card as just another thing you have to do in business, think [...]

4 Ways for Your Small Business to Compete with Large Companies

February 28th, 2017|Advertising, Design, Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing|

If you own a small business, you may think that your only competition is fellow small businesses. That couldn't be further from the truth. These days, there are so many options for consumers. This means customers can afford to be picky and shop around. Chances are, there are other businesses doing what you do within [...]